Touch of gastronomic magic in hotel Yugoslavia

Hotel Yugoslavia restaurant opens the door and offers various and exceptional menu. Traditional and elegant place with sophisticated interior is very comfortable and intimate. At the entrance, everybody would be fascinated by decorated walls with photographs of famous actors form ex-YU movies. First impression is the most important one and we believe we did it great job.

Professional, kind and attentive staff will make your stay memorable.

We paid special attention in creating our food menu. Our restaurant offer is very special because of visual creativity and harmony in tastes.

Traditional cuisine in Montenegro, as variety of scents and tastes, came up as a result of different cultures in this region. In our restaurant, beside traditional dishes like cicvara and kacamak, you can taste Mediterranean sea food specialties and specialties of the house which symbolically represents the idea of the hotel Yugoslavia. Specialties form Macedonia, Ljubljana and Zagreb are just some of the interesting dishes that will fascinate your all your senses.

This attractive and modern place distinguishes in every segment from other similar places. Beside diverse offer, this place is specific by different design, unusual interior and pleasant ambient. In lounge bar in hotel Yugoslavia you can taste various types of food and drinks. This concept of modern dishes and light cuisine is perfect for everybody especially for business people nowadays when there is lack of time for everything. This menu is consisted of various colorful salads, delicious tortillas, and different types of pancakes, pizzas and burgers. Also, nobody will be indifferent on big choice of tasteful delicacies, from traditional sweets to variety of chocolate and fruit cakes.